8 Must-have Items for your car


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Driving car is perfect for a long trip. However, if you don’t equip your vehicle with sufficient tools and emergency items, you will end up encountering unexpected problems without having a needed tool at hand. No one wants to get stuck hopelessly on the side of the highway. Naturally, auto essentials such as a gas can, spare tire, and some motor oil turns out indispensable items you should always keep around in your car trunk. However, there are also other things that you should always bring with you on any car trips. Some car big-headed car owners tend to ignore and underestimate the importance of tools and items, and you shouldn’t make the same mistake. This post is to reveal essential items that you should equip for your car to ensure the safest and most convenient trip.

  1. Car vacuum cleaner

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No one can deny the valuable benefits and convenience a good car vacuum cleaner brings about. If you are lucky to purchase the best cordless car vacuum on the market, then your cleaning task is no longer a burden to you. Car vacuum cleaners with powerful suction and a wide range of attachments can deliver the best performance in any places, get rid of the most stubborn stains and dirt, and leave your car spotless in a few second.

  1. First Aid Kit

First aid kit comes as the most indispensable item that you probably can’t afford to go without. Usually, a first aid kit includes wraps, ointment, liquid antacid, gauze, band aids, etc. The kits are compact and small, so that you can put it easily in the car trunk. First aid kit is extremely versatile when it comes to injury first aid.

  1. Rain-repellent windshield coatings

It is quite dangerous to drive the car in rain and snow weather since your visibility will be severely hampered. If you don’t have the normal vision, you may end up having a car accident. Thus, rain-repellent windshield coatings, which boost your windshield, turn out a must-have item in these unfavorable weather conditions.  The classic Rain-X spray bottle is an attractive choice; you can have it with the price at $6 a year.

  1. Passenger-window UV protector/shade

Passenger-window UV protector or shades are useful in boiling weather. It provides sun protection for passengers. For a long trip, these tools can save your skin from sunburn and maintain the cool atmosphere inside the car. Many people prefer the Britax EZ-Cling Window Shade and it is available widely on the market in a pack of two for only $8.

  1. Flare alternative

A long trip may come along with some car breakdowns on the road. If that was the case, then you should give a clear sign to other drivers on the lane to let them know that you are having a mechanical trouble with your car and you need to be respected for the right to park on the side of the road. The First Alert set provides the users with three different lights and is easy to turn on.

  1. Multipurpose tool

A multi-tool is a collection of small but complex and multi-purpose instruments such as needle-nose pliers, a serrated knife, a saw, spring-action scissors, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters and much more. It is quite small and can be pinned to the pocket or a belt. These tiny tools can be used to get rid of debris stuck in the cracks, cut the ropes or hoses, or to sharpen a wooden item.

  1. Windshield ice scraper.

When the snow accumulates a thick layer on your car surface, especially on the windshield, an ice scraper is a useful tool to get rid of them without leaving the vehicle surface unattractive scratches. In the winter season, you should put the ice scraper in the car and bring it with you.

  1. Portable jump starter

Portable jump starters are critical if you want to recharge your phone and other devices. If your car battery is dead, these versatile units can generate the power to start your vehicle.


Your car can be the latest model, packed with advanced features and modern technologies, but all of these are not enough if you want to have a safe and trouble-free trip. To ensure the best car driving experience, never hit the road when there is a lack of powerful items above!


Should I get a cordless vacuum cleaner?


If you are tired with the heavy vacuum cleaners and bulky, causing difficulties in the process of moving and use, often causing you to stumble upon stepping into the wire or unplugged when it’s time to move you should be replaced with an optimal solution to solve this problem quickly: it is used wireless vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, the introduction of innovative products has created a more favorable in cleaning your living space. Wireless vacuum cleaner suction power supply is not inferior to the wired product, more with light weight, compact size, convenience during the move and easy to handle, it really is the the most popular choice for small jobs in the home or small space cleaning and cleaning in place.


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Currently on the market, the manufacturer offers a full range of products for wireless vacuum cleaners with different sizes. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner wireless show flexibility thanks to its special features. However, the use of batteries to provide energy sometimes cause some obstacles. On some models, the battery does not last long trend, while others are limited in terms of functionality or power. Therefore, you should read this article to learn techniques the pros and cons and this device can bring.

What to look for in each cordless vacuum cleaner?

Based on characteristic features, you can compare between products to make the most correct decisions based on reading the reviews. Some of the factors you should keep in mind when choosing include:


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● Batteries are factors to assess the motives that the equipment can be used to ensure operation. The battery can use ni­cad old or modern lithium ion and combined with supply voltage to the motor power source for the device. The voltage of the battery is not the power that it has to offer, so you should keep this in mind to avoid confusion in the selection.

● Performance is the power of wireless vacuum cleaner can be used, as measured by the higher. When the signal, it is likely to provide stronger suction and cleaning process will happen faster and more efficient . For devices with high performance, it is equipped with radio cuffs roller brushes to dislodge the stubborn dirt side in order to increase work efficiency.

● Charging the battery is also a matter for concern. You need to pay attention to the time to complete the energy charging device.

● Run Time is based on the opinions of clients or requested from the manufacturer. Run time is running completely empty on a single charge before battery depletion. For wireless vacuum cleaner lithium battery, it is possible to provide a long ­time cleaning in a single charge, can be up to a maximum of about 60 minutes.

● In addition, lithium batteries also bring other benefits, such as providing typical yield for vacuum cleaners work in the shortest time and is set to off automatically once fully charged. Thanks to this feature, you can save energy in the case is still plugged into the mains. Do not use rechargeable batteries to power in the battery case was reported at a high level, you should only charging when the battery is running low to ensure efficiency and battery life.

● Capacity of wireless vacuum cleaner is measured in liters, so you often have to clean the inside of the vacuum cleaner handheld vacuum cleaner bag to make sure there is always space vacuum to clean up the area needed.


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● With weight and small size, portable vacuum cleaner suitable for use in the limited space, easily cleaned with detergent and stored neatly in families with small spaces.

● Accessory attachments include a spare battery, battery charger, brushes, detergents.

Why you should use a cordless vacuum cleaner?

This is a device with a great idea by the usability and usefulness that it brings. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner wireless powering is so strong, however this product is still within the area clean in small spaces or at any time without being dependent. It is commonly used in the car, or the stair area small nooks.


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However, you should also consider the battery life, performance and time to clean as well as the price of this product to be the perfect choice.


What is the best cordless vacuum cleaner?


A car cordless vacuum cleaner is an ideal device for cleaning by the features and the utility that it brings to users. Compact design, easy storage, use flexible, wireless vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution. This article provides some tips to choose a vacuum cleaner and the best wireless suit your needs using well as some typical products of reputable manufacturers in the market. How we test devices.


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You can experiment using pieces scattered on the floor swept and use of motorized equipment to check on its operating capacity. Some advice for the consideration of factors that you can choose include:
● Provides powerful energy and dynamism. When choosing to buy a product, you need to care about this feature first because it is considered the most important factor in the performance of duties of the device.
● Power is also an important factor, because some things are difficult to clean such as array broken, rocky, pet fur, hair, so you need to use more energy­volt high level to complete the job perfectly. Appeal of motors in the device for wireless vacuum cleaner vacuum less than usual, so depending on your intended use for its decision to select the most appropriate.

● Battery Powered ultraportable, made from lithium­ion batteries provide longer run time. However, it is difficult to determine the longevity of the battery, as this also depends on the environment, conditions, frequency of use and the ability to preserve. Hafu all wireless vacuum cleaner using their source of energy supplied from the battery, so to have the smart choice, consumers should choose products with longer battery life for uninterrupted during cleaning process. Vacuum cleaner is also equipped with display and charging indicators to determine when the battery is about to run out, this is a feature you should pay special attention.

● Portability flexibility and storage space savings compared to wired products of the same type. Therefore, you can use this product whenever necessary without wondering about the inconvenience and cumbersome.

● Attach additional equipment such as nozzles to operate within your narrow and small aperture angles, stiff bristle brush serves more intensive cleaning, especially in the animal’s across the floor.

Some cordless vacuum cleaner the best

Through the assessment of experts as well as those with experience in the use of this product, you may refer to choose products best and most suitable ttoost. Some of the features and advantages and disadvantages of some typical products are given, for example:

● Dyson Absolute V6 is rated high by powered by clean soft top made from plastic rollers makes floor cleaning becomes easy and efficient. Thanks to this dust started rolling, it can clean the floor perfectly without leaving any scratches on the surface. Attachment Toolkit includes mini brush and cleaning equipment in the gaps. In terms of power, it is not inferior to any of the best equipment currently 24 watts of power with the use of gas in normal mode and 100 watts of air when used at maximum levels. However runtime can last nut and does not come on, off, so it also get involved a little inconvenient to use. Overall, this product is still significant steps to improve this product line that you can invest in your house.


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● Dyson DC59 is produced at the end of 2015, is an upgraded model with a relatively high price. This product represents a technological leap of vacuum cleaners manufactured by adding wireless in the engine and the engine power to enhance motor brushes up to 75%. Thanks to these factors, operating procedures were smooth and effective than previous amazement, help clean deeper. However, you will have to pay up to $ 550 to own this device ­ a price too high enough to own two product alternatives and while using normal mode, it will run in 26 minutes ­ lose relatively more of your time.

● Besides, some other well­known product line is preferred may be mentioned as Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL with fancy design, flexibility and use 20­volt lithium battery; Auto Pivot Vac is perfect proof for ensuring the balance between power and portability; Stainless Metropolitan with beautiful design, strong performance and flexibility.

No need to doubt about the utility of wireless vacuum cleaner that gives the users. You consider some important factors to find the matching your demand.